The Voice of the Christian Underground

In a time where God's Spirit is not found in the cathedral, but in the wide, open spaces, where worship hymns have become so commercialized that God's Spirit is poured out on Christian rock concerts and in third-world nations, there is evidence of something new rising. Some see it as revival; others see it as a revolution. However you describe it, we are witnessing the Kingdom of God expand with great force in the Christian underground—that part of Christianity which is never witnessed by the public eye, where souls are won left and right but never counted, where the most beautiful music is composed but never recorded, where the greatest and most profound thoughts are spoken and left unwritten, where His Spirit is at work without advertisement.

If your heart can relate to these words, then we tell you that you are not alone. There are kindred souls across the world, and our vision is to unite you with them; to tell their story; to bring forth the unity of the faith; to shine light into darkness; to assemble an army of witnesses who will write, journal, and record that which corporate and commercial interests within the world and the churches alike dare not publicize. To those who would join us, we would like to introduce you to UnCommon Christianity, the Voice of the Christian Underground.

We'll see you around,

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